Vegeta Reborn Absorbed By Moro, Dragon Ball Super Manga Spoiler

Vegeta Reborn Absorbed By Moro

Vegeta Reborn absorbed by Moro in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Manga 62 release. With the least manga release chapter 61 of Dragon Ball Super, we saw that Moro absorbed Android 73 and got 10x stronger.

Many dragon ball fans were hype to finally see Vegeta getting the shine he deserves that has been long overdue to surpass Goku. Goku’s Ultra Instinct Omen technique against Moro was not enough to take Moro down.

It was a classic analysis of Dragon Ball by the community to analyze that Goku and his Ultra Instinct Omen technique would lose to Moro.


On the other hand, the build-up of Vegeta achieving a new technique that almost rival Goku’s Omen technique was overhyped.

However, after seeing Vegeta arrived and batting down on Moro, Everyone thought that Vegeta had everything under control.

Nonetheless, it seems that Dragon Ball has the same predictable conflicts has that Dragon Ball Z.  So, we have come to find out that every time our heroes have the bad guys cornered, something goes horribly wrong.

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Has Vegeta was about to finish off Moro, Moro escaped onto his spaceship and absorbed two of his henchmen. This gave Moro an immense power boost and now even stronger than before.

So, Vegeta decided to follow up on his attacks on Moro and got One-Shoted by this new fused Moro.

Moro One-Shot Vegeta


Many Dragon Ball Super Manga fans we very upset about Vegeta gaining this much power just to get one-shot by Moro. It was like a slap in the face for Vegeta Fans because it was something Vegeta fans have been longing for.


Now, to be honest, I believe it was a disservice to Vegeta, Vegeta fans, and of course, his pride. We all believed that it was finally Vegeta’s moment to shine in chapter 61.

Vegeta Reborn Absorbed By Moro

So, after the end of Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 61, we got some early release sketch of Vegeta getting absorbed by Moro. It looks like Vegeta was not down for the count when he got one-shotted by Moro.

Vegeta Reborn Absorbed By Moro
Vegeta Reborn Absorbed By Moro

Vegeta popped up back from the ground to face off against Moro once more, however, his time he’s outmatched. Moro gains 10x more power than he had before when Omen Goku and Vegeta Reborn challenge him earlier.

So, since we know a little about the Android Moro fused with, known as Android 73. We know that he can copy his opponent’s technique or power by tapping on thier necks.

This is what happened to Vegeta Reborn after attempting to fight fused Moro. Vegeta couldn’t land a single punch on fused Moro, so More tapped his neck and steal every last one of Vegeta’s techniques.

So, after Moro steals all of Vegeta’s techniques, Moro blows away Vegeta and sending him flying through rocks. We could all see Vegeta’s after image in the palm of Moros’s hand.


So with Moro being the underdog after Vegeta almost finished him off, then getting fused and copying Vegeta’s new technique. It seems like the Gods would have to step in a save our heroes.

And no! Fusion would not work against Moro now because he has Vegeta’s Force Spirit Fission technique.

Moro could easily spill the Fuson of Goku and Vegeta without having to fight Gogeta or Vegito. So, either Goku learns to master his ultra instinct technique quickly or Merus or Beerus would have to step in.

Who knows, maybe there will be a three-way fusion with Goku, Vegeta, and someone else. This seems to be one of the hottest speculations from the community. Maybe Vegeta knowing the Force Spirit Fission technique would prevent the fusion from being split my Moro.

What do you think will happen in the next upcoming Dragon Ball Super Manag Chapters let me know down below.

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