Vegeta Vs Beerus: New Dragon Balls: DBS Chapter 69 Spoilers


A Vegeta vs Beerus fight that a lot of fans want to see is happing. Lots of spoilers are out for chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super.

Vegeta is going to learn a new technique from Beerus during their little battle. A lot of people are saying it is Hakai and will not give Vegeta the equalizer or the edge over ultra instinct Goku.

However, we don’t actually know what it is as yet. Later on, this week when the full chapter comes out we may get more details about this new technique.

It seems although Vegeta has surpassed Super Saiyan Blue and achieve the Spirit control technique, he still not enough for Beerus.


When Will Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 Release?

Dragon Ball Super chapter 69 will be released on the 19th, of February 2021. When the chapter is out, we will learn more about this new technique Vegeta will attain for the Gods. If it comes down to being Hakai, a lot of fans will get angry.



More Back Stories about Granolah 

We will get to learn more about Granolah’s history, homeland, and backstory in chapter 69 of super. From what has been leaked, Graonlah will make a wish with new sts of Dragon Balls. These new Dragon Balls long require two (2) Balls to summon a dragon and make a wish.

So, now we have new sets of Dragon Ball that are added to the earth’s dragon ball, Namekican dragon balls, and the super dragon balls. However, this new dragon ball from Granolah’s homeland only requires two balls to make a wish.

So, Granolah will Summon the dragon and make a wish to become the strongest warrior in the universe. Anyways, this begs the question what will OG73 role be when Granolah is the stronger warrior alive?

Maybe the heat gang will utilize OG73’s angelic powers to their advantage to get some kind of power boost as well. We currently don’t know the name of the dragon as yet, nor do we know of this origins. However, when chapter 69 comes out there will be more info about this dragon.

So far, it seems as if the dragon Granolah summoned can only grant one wish, and is limited to a certain extent.

A lot of people are going to say Granolah did not get these powers from training hard. However, the same can go for Perfect Cell, Super Buu, and Moro. Jiren is the only opponent Goku had face who actually achieved his power by training hard.

Vegeta Vs Beerus Training Battle

So, with the Vegeta Vs Beerus battle, Beerus when on to tell Vegeta that the technique his about to learn had some to do with the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

However, we learn that there was this big tie with King Vegeta, Frieza, and Beerus. And this new technique involves all three.

Nevertheless, A lot of people thought that base on the level of Power Goku and Vegeta has achieved. They would be stronger and equal to Beerus at this point.

However, that is not the case, Vegeta is simply nothing compared to Beerus as it shows this leak manga review. Vegeta transformed into this Primal Blue form and still got stomped by Beerus with ease.

Beerus told Vegeta that the Gods have many techniques other than just Hakai. However, it seems Beerus is going in the direction of teaching Vegeta the Hakai techniques as well. It might be some form of technique the is as powerful as the Hakai but one in which is perhaps unique and fresh.

Overall, we know that Frieza is defiantly coming back in this arc as Granolah wants his revenge.

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