Vegeta Vs. Moro Fight Begins, Dragon Ball Super Manga Ch 60

Vegeta Vs. Moro Fight
Vegeta Vs. Moro Fight

Vegeta Vs. Moro Fight begins in the 60th chapter of Dragon Ball Super Manga. So, it seems like Vegeta is going to be the hero of this Moro saga arc after all.

From what they are promoting, Vegeta will finally have his shine in this manga arc that is long overdue.

Goku was always the one to be the hero in every scenario to save the day in dragon ball.

However, they show a side of Goku in dragon ball super manga chapter 58 and 59 which depicts Goku as an overconfident cocky guy.

Vegeta Vs. Moro Fight
Vegeta Vs. Moro Fight

Many fans had never seen that side of Goku before, you would expect something like that from Vegeta but not this time.

Also, even though Goku did his absolute best again Moro with his ultra instinct omen form/technique.

It was not enough to defeat Moro. Moro is a very dangerous tyrant that has a lot of different abilities to manipulate a fight in his favor.

So using raw power against him will not work as easily as you think. These are just a couple of hacks Moro has to turn the outcome of any fight in his favor.

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Moro is not a dumb character like Cell, Majin Buu, or Frieza. He’s one of the most intelligent fighters that the Z warriors as ever come across.

One of the leading points that are being told in the manga chapter is that Vegeta is making his final preparation on Yardrats to face off against Moro.

We still have no knowledge of what this new mysterious technique Vegeta has learned. However, we do know that he has learned the instantaneous movement technique.

Vegeta Vs. Moro Fight
Vegeta Vs. Moro Fight

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 60 Review  

So that the being of the manga chapter we could see that Goku was losing the battle to Moro.

Merus and Whis and a set plan for Goku to follow, however, Goku did not stick to the plan they outline for him.

Omen Goku was fighting on his own terms while Moro previously found out about his weakness and took advantage of the situation.

Android 17 and 18 try to buy Goku a little time to recover, but their attacks had no effect on Moro.


As Moro was about to finish off Goku, suddenly Vegeta appeared and saves Goku with his instantaneous technique.

And as far as things look, it appears Vegeta is positioned as the hero guy here after all.

From the getgo one could predict that this is the direction the arc would take, leading up to the moment when Goku appeared to face off against Moro.

It is a known pattern in Dragon ball, whenever a character decides to go all out at once at the bringing of a fight, they would lose.

We see this time and time again with Vegeta when it went up against opponents like Cell and the Androids.

However, now the table is somehow reverse, and Vegeta seems to be a calm guy who knows what he’s doing.

Vegeta Vs Moro Fight

The Vegeta vs Moro fight will not be about raw brute power, however, as Vegeta states, it will come down to his strategies and techniques.

Goku had a plan but he did not follow it nor execute it as told by Merus. Ultra instinct is known to be the be-all and end-all trump card in dragon ball super.

However, in this scenario with Goku vs Moro, ultra instinct omen is not enough to defeat Moro. Who knows, maybe ultra instinct master or complete would get the job done?

So what this tells us is that Vegeta has some type of technique he learned from the Yardrats that is beyond ultra instinct (stronger!).

During the confrontation between Moro and Vegeta, Vegeta told Moro that he is much stronger than Moro, Afterwards Vegeta powers up to his Super Saiyan Blue form.

Piccolo, Goku, and the others could tell the difference in Vegeta’s power, but obviously, Vegeta knows something that they don’t.

For now, no one knows what is this big secret Vegeta is not telling us, we’ll have to wait until the next chapter to find out though.

Nonetheless, having Goku lose to Moro works, and it shines a light in a unique way that we have never seen before in dragon ball.

So that’s what pretty much happens, there was no physical fight between Moro and Vegeta only Goku getting beat down.

this review is just a quick run-through of the main events that are interesting in the manga read.

Personally, I enjoyed this manga chapter like the previous one and we are all curious to know this new technique Vegeta has learned.


So from the looks of things in dragon ball super manga chapter 60, ultra instinct omen is down for the count.

However, Vegeta seems to be the one who will save the day with a new technique he learned on planet Yardrats.

So my question to you is, Do you believe that this new power or technique Vegeta learned from the Yardrats is enough to beat Moro?

Also, what do you think the outcome will be of the Vegeta vs Moro fight?

Let me know in the comment section below. Please share this post with your friends if you find it interesting, thanks.

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