Vegeta Vs Moro Dragon Ball Super Manga Final Fight

Vegeta Vs Moro Dragon Ball Super

Will the Vegeta Vs. Moro’s final fight in the Dragon Ball Super Manga series wrap things up once and for all?

Ever since the last episode of Dragon Ball Super Tournament of power, Goku achieved a new power called ultra instinct.

Some of us fans called it a new powered-up form achieved by Goku and some say it’s a new technique.

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However, I would agree that Goku using ultra instinct in the tournament of power was a form of technique.

Fast forward a few years later after Dragon Ball Super anime ended along with the Broly Movie, we were introduced to a new manga series of Dragon Ball Super.

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We got introduced to a few new characters and some not-so-new like Jackco. However, we got introduce to a new character called Merus who got the better of Goku with just one blow to the back of the head.

No one in their right mind would ever think that Merus had ultra instinct abilities and that he was an angel.

Fast forward a little further into the Dragon Ball Super Manga series, we got introduced to a villain Called Moro.

As time progressed, we learn a lot about Moro and his mission, and what he wants to accomplish.

Fast forward even future to Dragon Ball Super Manga 57 and for the first time in dragon ball history, Vegeta is not the first character to fight a villain in battle.

Vegeta Vs Moro Dragon Ball Super Manga 

Now in the coming Dargon Ball Super Manga series, we may have a final fight between Vegeta Vs Moro.

Vegeta Vs Moro Dragon Ball Super
Vegeta Vs Moro Dragon Ball Super


A lot of fans including myself have been speculating a final fight between Vegeta Vs Moro base on past history in Dragon Ball Z.

We saw that Goku was the first out of the two strongest heroes to return the earth to face off against the tyrant Moro.

And if you know a little Dragon Ball Z logic, every time a character faces off against a villain first, that character always ends up getting beat down or killed.

For example Vegeta, history has shown us that each time Vegeta gets into a fight with a villain first, he always gets his butt kicked.

Thus, Goku had to come and clean up his mess after. We saw that in Dragon Ball Z when Majin Vegeta went up against fat Majin Buu.

We also, have another example of this scenario when Vegeta went up against Broly in the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie.

Now, it seems the tables have turned and Goku is the first to face off against Moro. Many fans are saying that this is Toyotaro giving Vegeta an overdue justice base on his contribution.

and thus Vegeta has been the underdog for so long which is quite frankly true.

The Final Fight Goku And Vegeta Vs Moro

So based on my own theory, according to Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super facts. Goku will fight Moro first and eventually unlock ultra instinct once more.

However, just like in the Dragon Ball Super tournament of power when Goku was about to beat Jiren. Gokus’ ultra instinct will run out because he did not fully complete his training with Merus to master the technique.

So, while that is taking place, there would be no one else left on earth to stop Moro. Ultra Instinct will drain Goku’s energy so Moro could easily absorb what Goku has left and killed him.

However, before Moro could take advantage of Goku’s condition Vegeta would step in and saves Kakarot.

So then and there we could see a final fight with Vegeta Vs Moro and Vegeta utilizing his spirit control against Moro.


Like I stated in a previous post, there is no way anyone can defeat Moro with raw power.


Well, that’s because Moro feeds on natural energy. Even if you are much faster and stronger than him, he will absorb your energy and get a lot stronger.

So my theory then was to either seal Moro or fight him only with physical strength.

That’s the only way I think Moro can be defeated, however, that’s just my theory.

What do you think, will there be a Vegeta Vs Moro final fight or will Goku get the victory?

It would also be both Goku and Vegeta who defeat Moro by fusion or something. Let me know what you think about this plot twist in Dragon Ball Super Manga down below.

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