Vegeta’s Forced Spirit Fission Technique Vs. Planet Moro

Vegeta’s Forced Spirit Fission Technique Vs Planet Moro

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Will Vegeta’s forced spirit fission technique be enough to defeat planet Moro in Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 66?

The last and final chapter of Dragon Ball Super Manga, the Moro arc will end next month in chapter 66.

We now know that Goku has achieved Perfected Master Ultra Instinct and can switch it on and off at will.

On the other hand, we also know for a fact that Moro achieved Ultra instincts as well.

Moro gains Ultra Instinct, the power of the Gods by absorbing Merus’ powers from his earlier neck grab on Merus.

However, Moro eventually got even with Goku with strength, speed, and power but Moro’s body was not able to handle such power.

Moro on the other hand started to swell because he couldn’t control the powers of an angel. What happens next is that Moro figured out that his body can’t handle the powers of the Gods and used planet earth as his vessel.

Moro fused his body with planet earth to have some control over the overwhelming powers of the Gods.

Goku on the other hand seems shocked and could not believe Moro was capable of fusing with the planet.

So, from what it looks like, Perfected Ultra Instinct Goku is in a lot of trouble with Planet Moro.

Even though Planet Moro seems to can hurt Goku, planet Moro could self-destruct and kill everyone on the planet.


Well if Goku tried to destroy Planet Moro, Planet Moro will explode a destroy the whole planet or potentially the galaxy.

How will Moro Get Destroyed?

It has been suggested by many fans that Moro will be destroyed by a Spirit Bomb attack aka the (Genkidama) from Ultra Instinct Goku. While others stated that Vegeta will use his new technique to split more from the earth.

However, the majority of people Dragon Ball Super Manga fans predict that Vegeta will have a victory against Moro in the end. And to add to that prediction a certainly agree.

Vegeta’s Forced Spirit Fission Technique Vs. Planet Moro
Vegeta’s Forced Spirit Fission Technique

Vegeta’s Forced Spirit Fission Technique

Vegeta has a lot of new techniques that he learned on Planet Yardrat. However, the main one that everyone knows and loves which is Vegeta’s Forced Spirit Fission technique, will save the earth.

The new abilities Vegeta learned and achieved such as the Force Spirit Fission technique works when he hit his opponents.

We saw this first hand when Vegeta repeatedly hit Moro when he had his last encounter with him, and split his powers which resulted in Moro’s almost defeat.

We thought that Vegeta at the moment was getting stronger, however, we’ve come to realize that it was Moro actually getting weaker.

Vegeta’s forced spirit fission technique actually was in effect and eating away Moro’s powers he had stolen from others.

So, all the energy Moro stole was returning to its rightful owners.

Nonetheless, I believe that Vegeta’s forced spirit fission technique will split Moro and get the better of him.

All Vegeta has to do is punch the ground and it should be enough to separate or split Moro from the earth.


The outcome of Dragon Ball Super manga 66 final chapters will finally give Vegeta Reborn the victory he well deserved.

It may not be the way most fans would have wanted, however, Vegeta’s force spirit fission will save planet earth nonetheless.

Vegeta has been very quiet since Dende healed him. However, they are just holding them back until the final finally of Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 66.

What do you think about Vegeta’s new Force Spirit Fission Technique, will it be enough the stop Moro? Or will Perfected Master Ultra Instinct Goku finish off Moro once and for all? Let me know down below.

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