Vegito vs Cumber Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Spoiler

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2

Whether or not you like it, the last Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime had a lot of problems.

I was expecting it to be a little bit better. I feel like we’re back in Super times thought all over again.

So we got some spoilers here, a preview for Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode 2 that Herms98 translated.

I wanted to go over this and share my thoughts and bring it to you guys from the official website right here. Carddass

This is from the official website right here this is not from Jump magazine like we used to get them every week.

It’s from the website, Dragon Ball Heroes is not really Associated so much with Jump magazine.

Even though they do promos for the games, and I’m sure we’ll get some stuff in there as time goes by.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2

All the reviews are going to be on the Super Dragon Ball Heroes website.

Here’s the preview in Japanese I will go ahead and read the translation from Herms98 and like I always do with you guys.

Also, to give you guys my thoughts and predictions and of course, I definitely want to hear your thoughts and predictions down below.

Let’s go ahead and get it to the stuff here, dragon ball heroes episode 2, Goku goes berserk, the evil Saiyans Rampage.

Goku and Company up us against the evil Saiyan overwhelmingly large Sinister ki.

That, of course, Cumber, but I don’t think they really revealed his name yet.

It says here: Goku is enveloped by the evil Saiyan Ki and runs wild.

A lot of you guys after I did my Berzerk post yesterday we’re talking about oh, I think that Cumber’s you know, uses his evil key to turn Goku berserk.

And you guys were right.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2

Vegito vs Cumber Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Spoilers

Whoever said that is a great prognosticator because that’s exactly what happened.

It’s not that Goku is using kale Super Saiyan Berserker form. Even though I’m sure they’re going to be similarities to it.

It’s that Cumber and his evil energy sort of enveloping scope that makes him go to a range like State.

that’s going to be coming up in episode 2, and it says here: But, an unexpected savior comes to the rescue.


It also says here that it will start streaming Monda,y July 16th, 2018,

That is Sunday for the rest of us here in the West. Japan’s ahead of us by a few hours but it could actually be Monday as well July 16th.

Again who is this unexpected savior it could be then Xeno Goku right.? It could be Vegeta. It’s difficult to say what they’re going to do in the anime version of these events,

That being said, I will say that I’m hoping that we haven’t seen the last of blue versus SSJ4.

Because I was very let down by that fight it was literally like what, a minute less than that like 30 seconds of them fighting.

Then that was it, we just know it was over lol.

 I think that was the big let down guys, we’ve been waiting for so many years to see blue versus SSJ4 anime form.

Then we’re finally getting it and that’s the fight they gave us, yeah they could do a lot better.

But it looks like it still going well for Japan, and even though episode 1 did have issues.

I’m going to keep watching it, you see how it goes and sees where we go from there.

You know see what’s going to happen from there, but nonetheless, my prediction for episode 2 is pretty much what’s gonna happening here.

Goku is going to go berserk and then someone’s going to come and I guess snap him out of it, and I don’t know who that could exactly be.

Vegito vs Cumber Dragon Ball Heroes Fight

I’m hoping it’s like somebody like Gohan but probably not, I’m guessing it’ll just be Vegeta or maybe Future Trunks.

Because remember Trunks was about to escape that prison cell but Cooler got in his way.

So we might end up seeing Cooler vs Trunks and we might end up seeing Cooler vs Goku because that was in the original episode 2 preview,

I haven’t been able to get a high-quality version of but it was definitely in there, so anyways let me know your thoughts.

What are your predictions on episode 2 of Dragon Ball Heroes like.? I said episode 1 did have problems but, I’m going to keep watching to see how it goes.

Also to see what they do, and I’m hoping that we do get a real SSJ4 versus SSJ Blue battle at some point.

You know in the future, I do hope we get that and get a real fight, you know what I mean, one that at least lasts for like a few minutes.

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