Vegito Vs. Fu Dragon Ball Heroes

Vegito Vs. Fu Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission Episode 7

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With the latest release of Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission, we saw the cliffhanger of Vegito Vs. Fu standoff.

After the defeat of Super Janemba, Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and others set their focus on the Universe Tree.

The Universe Tree is somewhat similar to that of the Universe Seed that Hearts had back in the anime.

Fu’s plan with the Universe Tree is to destroy the current Universe and a new one he can control.

So, as we all know, Dragon Ball Heroes is not Canon nor is it a series, but instead a promotion for Card Games in Japan Exclusively.

However, apart from its promotion, many Dragon Ball Fans find it entertaining and enjoyable.

Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission Episode 7 Review

So right off the bat, all the z fighters appeared at the Universe Tree. Thanks to the help of God Salsa and Putin.

Vegeta tries to destroy the Universe Tree by charging up a giant ball of energy similar to that of his Big bang attack.

Vegito Vs. Fu Dragon Ball Heroes
Vegito Vs. Fu Dragon Ball Heroes

However, Vegeta’s attack was futile, it did not have any impact whatsoever. The only thing that was accomplished was giving the Universe Tree more energy.

Suddenly, Fu appeared and thanks Vegeta for his bone head move of blessing the Tree with more energy.

Time Patrol Trunks along with time Patrol Vegeta, Goku, God Putin, and Salsa teleported away leaving the original Goku and Vegeta to face off against Fu.

Goku and Vegeta Vs. Fu 

Left alone, The battle between Goku and Vegeta Vs. Fu begins. Vegeta first charged in on Fu. However, it was of no use Fu was way too strong.

Goku on the other hand, charged at Fu and his attack didn’t land either. Vegeta mentions that Fu had the same energy as Cumber the Evil Saiyan.


Fu then erupted both Goku and Vegeta with this strange Cumber energy to fight each other, but it did not work.

Both Goku and Vegeta turn thier attention to Fu even though they are under his command.

Fu eventually knocks them both out of the Cumber Zombie energy back into thier base form.

Super Vegito Vs. Fu

Both Vegeta and Goku agreed to use the Potara earrings to fuse in Super Vegito Vs. Fu because Fu was just too Strong.

Fu tried to use his Zombie Cumber energy on Vegito, but Vegito was no fool, Vegito uses some sort of barrier to repel Fu’s experimental attack.

So, that is where the anime ends with a climactic face between Vegito Vs. Fu Fight.

Nonetheless, Dragon Ball Heroes has shown us that Super Vegito Potara fusion is not the strongest when compared to Super 4 Potara Fusion of Goku and Vegeta.

Super Vegito almost never wins a fight in super thus far. So the question is, will Potara’s fusion of Goku and Vegeta be enough to put up some sort of challenge against Fu?

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the next short episode of heroes.

However, on the other hand, we can never predict what is going to happen in Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Missions. This is because things here should not make any sense.

For example, Master Roshi could potentially go up against Lord Beerus and Win. That is how crazy Dragon Ball Heros is at the moment, it just for entertainment purposes.

The Universe Seed

Fu’s plan with the Universe Seed is to destroy the current Universe and rebuild one that he can control at will.

Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission Universe Tree

Practically similar to the same idea Hearts had with the Universe Seed. The Universe Seed was just a distraction leading up the Fu’s master plan with the Universe Tree.

Fu also mentioned that the Gods cannot mess with time and space. However, I believe they all have to work together in order to stop Fu and its evil deeds.

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