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Videl and Gohan
Videl and Gohan

How did Videl and Gohsn fall in love? This story of Videl and Gohan happened very late in the series.

So the relationship between Gohan and Videl came across in the final manga arc of Dragon Ball Z, the Videl and Gohan love life.

It all began with the great SaiyaMan Saga, then it kind of just developed throughout the tournament saga as well.

However, we could tell it was just Toriyama’s romantic side of love with these two characters. A lot of it took place off-screen and whatnot.

Videl and Gohan
Videl and Gohan

The real seduction stuff took place off-screen with Vedel and Gohan so we don’t really see how they bonded. So One thing that’s been consistent between them both throughout the SaiyanMan series is love.

However, there are hints and clues about what actually attracted Videl to Gohan and vice versa in the series.

How Videl and Gohan Fell in Love

 The initial thing with Gohan and Videl is that Videl was really schooled with the rumors of the golden-haired warrior from her dad.

This was the rumor about the Great Saiyaman and with Gohan maybe not so much normal Gohan but more so character.


Videl was attracted to Gohsn by his physical looks and appearance. I think that Vidal had a really good initial physical spark with Gohan


Well, because even though Gohan in that part of the series was not as strong as he was against Perfect Cell Gohan was still pretty freaking strong.

He was stronger than anybody else that Videl had ever seen most in her life and I think that is one of the prerequisites Videl fell for.

Gohan Videl Relationship Dragon Ball

I think that Videl was not only attached to Gohan’s strength but also the fact that he was kinda shy. But at the same time, Gohan revealed a little bit of his strength to Videl.

It might be a dynamic where Videl was always comparing men she met with her father. So, in her eyes, until she met Gohan, Mr. Satan her father was the strongest man she knew her eyes.

Gohan had known that Videl as way surpassed her dad at that point in the series. Videl did not even know that she surpassed her dad the strongest male in her life.

So, when Videl started to see the glimpses of strength with Gohan I think that helped also attached to Gohan.

Gohan is a shy character when it comes to females and good-looking so Videl may be attracted to those as well.

When Gohan jumped 30 feet in the air to catch a baseball and being able to fend off criminals and monsters so easily kinda make it easy for Videl to fall.

So, all because of those little prerequisites that Gohan had. Videl wanted to know more about Gohan so she starts to hang out with him to learn more about him.

Another fact is that her interest in Martial Art was the icing on the cake and that Gohan was a strong guy that is that attracted Videl to Gohan.

Videl’s Intrest In Men

The difference between Gohan and Mr. Satan is a very key thing a lot of them out there do.  Not every girl I’m never going to generalize but a lot of girls kind of look up to their father, so they want to see the same treats.

Videl and Gohan fell in love
Videl and Gohan fell in love

Also, the interesting thing about Gohan is that Gohan is almost the exact opposite of Mr. Satan. Mr. Satan is a character who has always been kinda selfish.

Mr. Satan at end of the series was generally a good person. He does love his daughter, he does care for people, and he does care for Humanity.

If you don’t believe me watch the end of the Buu saga when he tells Vegeta ” can’t have these people die on me.”

Mr. Satan is not a bad guy he’s just very selfish and he talks a lot. he’s basically more of a bark than a bite.

Gohan on the other hand was the opposite, Gohan at that point in the series was played out to be the strongest Saiyan alive.

Vegeta might have been a little bit stronger, however, Gohan’s intentions were portrayed as being the strongest fighter in the world at that point.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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