The Weakest Tailed Beast And Jinchuriki In Naruto Anime

The Weakest Tailed Beast And Jinchuriki
The Weakest Tailed Beast And Jinchuriki

The Weakest Tailed Beast And Jinchuriki in Naruto Boruto.

Many fans have come to the conclusion that Shukaku, the one-tail beast is the weakest of the nine beasts.

This is according to what Kurama, the nine tails fox which is the number of tails beast stated. Kurama stated that the strength of tailed beasts relies on the number of tails they have. However, this does not sit well with the one-tail Shukaku and is the reason why Shukaku hates Kurama.

Is Shukaku The Weakest Tail Beast?

We all know by now that Kurama is the strongest tailed beast no doubt. Even when half is powers sealed away. Kurama was able to make a bigger tailed beast bomb/ball than that of the other tailed beasts combined together. Fans would say that the only fight they saw Shukaku in was with kid Naruto and Gamabunta aka Chief Todd from Mount Myoboku.

The Weakest Tailed Beast And Jinchuriki
The Weakest Tailed Beast And Jinchuriki

How Strong is Kurama to Shukaku?

Every tailed beast has the power of the preceding tailed beasts combined. For example, 4 tails got the same amount of chakra 3 tails, 2 tails, and 1 tail combined. However, If this is so, the power of a tailed beast with the most tails probably increases exponentially with respect to the number of tails they have, making Kurama enormously the strongest

Nevertheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a tailed beast like Shukaku has the least amount of chakra is the weakest with the weakest Jinchuriki. Each Jinchuriki can have his/her own abilities and their own Kekkei-Genkai. more than likely they would have their own chakra nature types too. So it would be hard to role out a weak Jinchuriki with the weakest tail beast.

However, if each Jinchuriki knows how to control the chakra from the tailed beast, then it doesn’t matter which tailed beast it is, both the tail beast and Jinchuriki will be powerful.

At one point in time, Killer Bee and the eight tails Jinchuriki was stronger than Naruto. However, right now the eight tail doesn’t even stand a chance. Gyuki, the 8 tails beast once said to Kurama that, ‘Strength is not determined by the number of tails one has!’ This totally contradicts Kurama’s statement.

However, the eight tail also mentioned that a tailed beast should have a good relationship with its Jinchuriki, love, and friendship, and all that goes a long way. This bond makes a tailed beast ‘strong’.

Nonetheless, this is like saying, you may have more chakra than me, I’ve more friends and I love them more than you, so I’m stronger. The eight tails Gyuki actually wanted to correct Kurama’s statement and attitude at that moment becuaseKurama was acting a bit cocky, he actually always acted like that.

Who is The Weakest Tailed Beast And Jinchuriki?

The weakest tailed beast in terms of chakra is Shukaku as we know it. The weakest Jinchuriki is unknown no one knows because we don’t know how much and what can the other Jinchurikis did off-screen. However, expect the 1 tail, 8 tails, and 9 tails beasts. However, a less/weak chakra tailed beast necessarily does not make a weak Jinchuriki.

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