What Happened To Future Trunks Timeline?

What Happened To Future Trunks Timeline
What Happened To Future Trunks Timeline

What Happened To Future Trunks Timeline In Dragon Ball Super?

In Dragon Ball, there have been a number of stories that have featured dark tones, Global Conquest, and the destruction of an entire civilization and race.

Among the struggles in dragon ball z, Future Trunks’ timeline would have to be the darkest one yet in the anime.

So, as of right now, we know that Future Trunks timeline is where the Androids created by Dr. Gero attack the people of the earth and killed them.

What Happened To Future Trunks Timeline
What Happened To Future Trunks Timeline

The Androids wiped out the vast majority of the population as well as the Z Fighters. After the death of Gohan, only Trunks was left to defeat the Androids and it was so hopeless.

Trunks and Bulma resorted could only resort to time travel. However, this method proved successful.

Future Trunks was able to become strong enough in the past, to defeat his enemies in his current timeline and bring what seemed to be peace to his future.

However, in Dragon Ball Super things took a turn for the worst as Goku Black and Zamasu came to destroy Trunk’s timeline once again.

Eventually, his entire future was erased by Zeno Sama once Merged Zamasu impossible for the Saiyans to defeat.

What Happened To Future Trunks Timeline

So, in the end, despite efforts and struggle to save his timeline. It was destroyed regardless of all he fought to protect being rendered non-existent.

However, with all this being said was the Future Trunks timeline always doom?

Was there anything Trunks could have done to stop his world and everyone he knew from being destroyed?

I’m not so sure, what the themes of Dragon Ball I’ve noticed are how whenever time travel is involved.

The events are changed, similar events will still transpire for example future Gohan lost his arm against the Androids.

And present Gohan’s arm was broken by Cell in the original timeline, and Cell kills Trunks in the present.

What Happened To Trunks Timeline Dragon Ball Super?

So, in Future Trunks’ Timeline, Goku dies from the heart virus in Trunk’s timeline, and while he was saved from it in the present.

He still died when he teleported Cell away from the earth to King Kai’s Planet. Initially, Goku chose to stay dead and there are even more examples.

So, why the original events may have changed. They still seem to occur in a different fashion later on, and Dragon Ball super seems to expand upon this.

Trunks brought peace to the Future just as Gohan brought peace to the present.

But in both Babbdi and Deborah resurrect Majin Buu. While in the main timeline Buu was very bored and eventually destroy the Earth.

Most of those who live there in the future Trunks timeline. Trunks were able to stop Buu from coming back to life.

However, this happened differently for both timelines as well as the present.

Earth was destroyed, but the Future Trunks world was not but rather the Supreme Kai of Universe 7 dies.

To stop Buu from being revived in the cause of trunks.  His world is good for Zamawsu to destroy as he no longer needs to worry about Beerus.

So, he can attack the earth almost unopposed. It’s possible from this perspective that time is always trying to correct itself, and that changes can lead to even worse events in the future.

Trunks could never have saved his future, and going back in time cause his entire timeline to be erased from existence.

And that is worse than anything Buu or the Androids brought with them. However, this final fate may have still occurred no matter what.

Future Trunks Timeline Faith

Zeno the King of Everything has often thought there were too many universes.

He wanted to erase some of them to reduce the numbers. It was also said that had Goku not proposed the idea of the tournament of power.

Then Universe 7 and the other competing would have likely already been erased. It appears that Zeno whether the universe is worth saving based upon its mortal level.

Even current Universe 7 is the second-lowest ranked Universe. It’s likely that Trunk’s timeline along with the Earth would basically be wiped away.

It was bound to be erased regardless, so if this is the case even if Trunks had saved everyone and black and Zamasu never appeared.

What Happened To Future Trunks Timeline

Trunks’ timeline would have been erased from existence regardless as future Goku would have been dead. It appears that no matter what trunks did the fate of his world was bound to be destroyed.

Nothing he could do or whatever prevent, that in the most consolation he gets was another timeline being made for him.

Although there are certainly other possibilities that could have been written at the end of that Arc.

Even the fate of that timeline still seems like it could be called into question and have a very dark ending.

Yet another reason why the story of trunks is likely the darkest in the history of the Dragon Ball franchise.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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