What Type Of Eye Does Boruto Have

What Type Of Eye Does Boruto Have When He’s Older?

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The type of eye Boruto have is called Jougan and it’s otherwise known as Pure Eye.

Boruto Uzumaki has one of the best eyes since Rinnegan in Naruto verse. The Jougan translates to Pure Eye. This type of eye shares some similar abilities with the Byakugan such as being able to perceive the chakra network and also negative chakras and dimensions.

The Pure eye probably has unrevealed techniques we don’t know about yet but this is all we’ve seen this far in the anime and manga

What is The Name Of Boruto’s Eye?

The eye Boruto has is called the Jougan, it was awakened in Boruto by Toneri. The theory behind the Jougan is that it can use the same abilities as Dojustu due to it being the pure eye. This means that the Jougan eye Boruto has can be transformed into anything or any eye.

So, in case you are wondering who Toneri is. Well, he was the main villain in The Last Naruto Movie and the eyes he has are from Hannabi’s Byakugan. The eyes he had before turned into another eye called the Tenseigan.

Boruto now possesses the Jougen which is known as the pure eye which is also a form of the Tenseigan.

What Type Of Eye Does Boruto Have
What Type Of Eye Does Boruto Have

These Are Some of Boruto’s Jougan Abilities:

  • It Can predict any movements before they even happen. It’s even better than a level 3 Tomeo and Mangekyou Sharingan.
  • Jougan eye can see chakra points and concentration, this is something only Madara Uchiha has done.
  • The Jougan can open and close portals.
  • Boruto Jougan can sense negative energy around.
  • The Pure eye can teleport through dimensions as well.

Nevertheless, these are the known abilities of the Jougan so far in the series, however, for all, we know it could have much more abilities to learn about.

The Jougan Eye

Once again the eye is translated to the term Pure Eye and has shown the have some of the abilities of the Rinnegan, and all the other eyes abilities from Naruto verse such as the Sharingan and Bkyugan.

Fact about the Jougan, Rinnegan and Tenseigan eye:

1) It is a type of Kekkei Genkai eye that requires both Hamura’s and Hagoromo’s bloodline to achieve.

2) Kaguya possesses the Rinnegan and Sharingan otherwise known as the Third eye, which is also a Kekkei mora.

3) Kaguya’s Otsutsuki descendant’s powers were passed down to the visual powers of the Rinnegan and the Tensiegan. However, Hogoromo the eldest son got the Rinnegan and Haruma the youngest brother got the Tenseigan.

4) The Rinnegan eye requires both the Uchiha and Senju bloodline combination for it to be activated. If you did not know both Senju and Uchiha bloodlines are Hogoromos’ offspring.

5) The Tenseigan eye requires the Hyuga clan and the Otsutsuki clan bloodline combination to be activated.

6) Hinata is from the Hyuga clan and Naruto is from the Uzumaki clan Senju’s descendants are from the Uzumaki clan which means Naruto and Boruto hold Hogoromo’s bloodline, who is an Otsutsuki.

7) The Tenseigan visual prowess gives the wielder the ability to wear a chakra cloak just like Naruto’s nine tails mode cloak and access the truth-seeking orb. This is known as the six paths sage mode. The mode has the ability to sense chakra through time and space, and also teleportation through space-time. It’s somewhat similar to the Rinnegan Sasuke have.

8) The maximum power of the Tenseigan eye is not known to us as yet. We don’t know if it possesses a predecessor like the Rinnegan.

Generally, the series of Naruto Shippuden anime ends when Naruto and Hinata got married. After that, we had the starting of the Boruto anime. Nonetheless, according to my our conception naruto s blood merging with Hinata who is a Huyga clans member, blood would create a more powerful Byakugan which is capable as the Tensigan. This is due to the combination of Sage’s power and six paths’ power. This is one way Boruto could have gotten the Pure eye.

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