Why Did Vegeta Turn to Stone In Dragon Ball Z After Fighting Fat Buu?

Why Did Vegeta Turn to Stone
Why Did Vegeta Turn to Stone

Why did Vegeta turn to stone in Dragon Ball Z fight sense against fat Majin Buu? That is one of the most puzzling and bizarre scenes that left a lot of fans scratching their heads.

So, in this post, we will try our best to explain why did Vegeta turn to stone after he tried to blow up Majin Buu.

The Epic Battle Between Goku and Majin Vegeta

After the epic battle between Goku and Vegeta Majin, Vegeta Majin knocked Goku out because of Majin Buu’s presence.

Goku got distracted by Majin Buu’s immense power level so, Vegeta Majin wasted no time and took the oppertunity to knock Goku out from the back.

Vegeta send Majin Power Level and when to defeat Majin Buu because he was interfering with thier battle.

However, What Vegeta did not know is that Majin Buu was way stronger than he thought. Vegeta confronted Majin Buu and started to pound Buu around.

Buu did not put up a fight at first, however, after Vegeta throws devasting blows on Majin Buu and he keeps recovering.

Vegeta finally found out that he did not stand a chance against Buu and that he underestimated Buu.

After fat Buu started to fight back, Vegeta got irritated with Majin Buu and blows up himself trying to kill Buu.

Vegeta thought that it was the only way to stop Majin Buu from regenerating back together again.

So Vegeta decided to self-destruct by creating a huge explosion that he was 100% sure was going to vaporize Buu.

However, we learn that Vegeta did all that and it still did not have any effects and Majin Buu. Nonetheless, as a result, Vegeta only accomplished one thing, and that’s killing himself in the end.

So, what appears to happen is that Vegeta turns to stone. However, Vegeta did not turn to stone in the anime. Vegeta actually turns into ash.

Yes, ‘Ash’.

Vegeta’s body turns into what we would call compacted ash. At the time when this happened in the anime, there was no official statement by Toriyama so we can assume.

Why Did Vegeta Turn to Stone
Why Did Vegeta Turn to Stone

Why Did Vegeta Turn to Stone

The reason why Vegeta turn to stone when he self-destructed is that he pushed all of his ki energy outwards nonstop creating a powerful blast until he was completely drained. Since the energy, Vegeta pushed out non-stop was so powerful, it turned into compacted ash in the process.

The compacted ash state of Vegeta is kinda like when someone is cremated but in a more solid state.

We saw that after Vegeta’s final explosion, his body breaks when it hit the ground then quickly taken away by the wind in the Manga.

However, in the anime version, Vegeta looked exactly like stone but he was pure dust. So, we all know that a stone would not blow away with the wind.

There is also a lot of rumors going around about why did Vegeta turn to stone. This was around the fact that since fat Majin Buu defeated the Demon King Debora, Majin Buu gained his ability to turn others into stone as well when he spits on them.

However, since Vegeta was pushing energy outwards nonstop it’s highly unlikely that Majin Buu would have a chance to strike Vegeta and turn him into a stone.

Nonetheless, we never encounter nor did we ever see Majin Buu use that ability on anyone other than turning people into candy.

How Did Vegeta Survive the Final Explosion In Super?

How did Vegeta survive the final explosion in super is because he was way stronger and powerful than he was in Dragon Ball Z. Plus Vegeta’s body is better equipped to withstand and survive his final explosion attack on Toppo.

So, even though Vegeta may or may not have survived this own attack in Dragon Ball Z.  We believe they made it more dramatic that his fight with Majin Buu had a climactic ending.

Anyway, I hope this answered your question about why did Vegeta turn to stone in his fight against Majin Buu. It was the first time in the anime Vegeta the prince of all Saiyans died for someone he loves.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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