Why Did Whis Smile at Gogeta: Dragon Ball Super Broly

Why Did Whis Smile at Gogeta

Why did Whis smile at Gogeta during the finale of the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie? A lot of curious Dragon Ball fans have been wondering what was the reason behind Whis smile. This was when SSJBlue Gogeta charged up and released his Kamehameha wave attack towards Broly.

Well, today in this short blog post, I will explain a few reasons why Whis smiled at Gogeta when he launched his attack on Broly.

However, first, let us go over brief synopsis of what the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie was about.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Release Date

The Movie Dragon Ball Super Broly was released on November 14th, 2018. Funimation had their own English Dub Premiere version at the TLC Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on December 13th, 2018. The United States and Canada had theirs release the following year January 16th, 2019 by Funimation films.

However, it was not until after the following days and weeks the movie Dragon Ball Super Broly was released to the rest of the world. Countries like South America, Central America, and European courtiers.

Why Did Whis Smile at Gogeta

The reason why Whis smile at Gogeta while he charges up his Kamehameha wave was around the fact that Whis knew the attack would have killed or hurt Broly. Whis is an angel and he could tell the outcome of any battle before it even ends. The fact that Gogeta had so much power was fascinating to Whis. While on the other hand, Whis is a character that loves to smile all the time.

What was the Dragon Ball Super The Broly Movie About

Dragon Ball Super Broly movie was centered around the Saiyan race and their past heritage. Old and new fans got a chance to relive what had happened from way back in Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Super.

We get to learn about where the Saiyans came from, who ruled over them, and their pride with newborns. Never the less a lot has been cut out because the entire series of Dragon ball could never fit in a 1 hour and 41 minutes movie.

Nevertheless, the Movies were centered around Goku, Vegeta, and Broly. The whole conflict that leads to the fight between Goku, Vegeta, and Broly was because of Broly’s power level as a baby.

What Happen To Baby Broly On Planet Vegeta?

King Vegeta was briefed by one of his soldiers that there was a newborn Saiyan with a power greater than baby Vegeta. This was an embarrassment to King Vegeta so he decided to banish baby Broly.

Paragus, Broly’s dad begs King Vegeta to no harm his newborn child. However, see that King Vegeta had a newborn as well, and he was not the strongest Saiyan baby it would have questioned King Vegeta’s authority.

So, King Vegeta moved forward with his plans the banish baby Broly because he was too powerful for just a mere baby Saiyan. Paragus tries to stop King Vegeta but it’s too late. Baby Broly was already in his space pod, broad and on his way to planet Vampa.

Paragus tried to stop the launch but Baby Broly was long gone. Paragus then stole one of the space pods and head off searching for his baby boy Broly.

after a few days of searching, Paragus, and Beets landed on planet Vampa where they found baby Broly and settled. Times got hard and Paragus was willing to sacrifice anything to survive and save his son Broly.

Gogeta Vs. Broly Dragon Ball Super movie
Gogeta Vs. Broly Dragon Ball Super movie

Broly vs. Goku and Vegeta  

After the tournament of power ended, and Goku and Vegeta continued their training. Paragus on Broly had arrived on earth with the help of Frieza. Goku, Vegeta, and Broly had just met for the first time, and the only thing on Paragus and Broly’s mind was revenge.

As the battle between Goku, Vegeta, and Broly intensify, Broly got stronger and keep improving during the fight.

At one point, Broly was too much for both Goku and Vegeta because of his rapidly growing overwhelming powers. Goku and Vegeta decided to fuse and thus we got Gogeta. Gogeta on Broly was pretty much matched but as the fight progresses, Gogeta started to overpower Broly with natural raw power.

It was then and there Whis made a statement saying ”How truly magnificent, I think this battle is about to come to a rousing finale.” Then we saw Whis smile at Gogeta while he charges up the Kamehameha Wave.

Why did Whis smile at Gogeta? Whis had confitent that Gegeta’s final attack on Broly was going to end the battle once and for all.

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