Why Do Fans Hate Sakura Haruno From Naruto So Much?

Why Do Fans Hate Sakura
Why Do Fans Hate Sakura

Why do fans hate Sakura From Naruto?

During the Naruto Shippuden series, hating Sakura was a popular opinion back then. Many fans hated Sakura, because it’s their opinion of her character, and most often, they also have valid reasons to hate Sakura.

More than likely 80 percent of Naruto Fandom seems to dislike Sakura. Why? Well, it’s because they have all have critical and similar points of view about Sakura.

So, here in this short post, we will explain why do fans hate Sakura Haruno so much.

Why Do Fans Hate Sakura
Why Do Fans Hate Sakura

Sakura’s Character

Sakura is known as a shounen tsundere,  most fans think nothing much of this. However, compared to the rest of the main characters, Sakura doesn’t feel or look that interesting as a character not because she is a female. Here is how Sakura’s characteristic compares to the rest of Naruto’s main cast in the anime.

Naruto’s Character

Naruto never had a great background as a kid but he earn his honor true hard work and now he has a great background. The reason Naruto was hated as a kid is because of Kyuubi Kurama being sealed within him by his father.

People around naruto thought that he was the monster that attacked Konoha back in the day of young Obito, however, no one didn’t want to be around him or be his friend.

Naruto wanted to gain the respect of each villager. So he started to train hard and never gave up on his dreams. So, that’s why many people love him now more than ever. He feels very relatable to all of us.

Sasuke’s Character

Many anime fans find Sasuke to be an interesting character. Sasuke was born in the village’s strongest clan called the Uchiha clan. He was naturally gifted with many abilities and just wanted to be a great ninja to prove his worth to his brother.

Sasuke was proud to be an Uchiha member until his brother Itachi the one spouse he respected the most killed his own family.

After that moment, Sasuke became very cold-hearted and hateful to everyone he meets he was never the same again until he met Naruto.

Kakashi’s Character

Kakashi is well respected from day one and is just so awesome. A lot of fans in the Naruto fanbase have Kakashi in their top 10 everything.

This could be their favorite character, stronger or smartest character for good reasons. Kakashi is just a badass character that has a cool variety of Jutsus. He also has an amazing backstory with his father and just like his comrade Naruto, he never really became evil in spite of everything.

Kakashi is a ninja fan in Naruto who loves the most. In many different villages, Kakashi is known as Kakashi of the Sharingan and the copy Ninja.

Why Do Fans Hate Sakura
Why Do Fans Hate Sakura

Why Do Fans Hate Sakura? (Answer)

Why do fans hate Sakura? Well, first of all, Sakura was bullied as a kid too. She found a girlfriend named Ino who became her only friend during her teens. So, Ino on the other hand motivated Sakura to grow better as a person. So she did.

However, once they met Sasuke for the first time both Ino and Sakura were infected by a strange disease called Sasuke-Kun syndrome. This puppy love caused both Ino and Sakura to become rivals for the sake of Sasuke-Kun.

Sakura should have chosen a friend who helped her against the bullies rather than a guy that is handsome, however doesn’t give a single thought about her. However, Sakura could not see past love either could Ino.

Back then Sakura lacks depth compared to the other main cast and was a pretty dull friend. That alone could be enough for fans to hate Sakura however, there’s more.

 Sakura’s Annoying personality:

Sakura’s vocabulary back then was consists of mostly Sasuke-Kun. That got really annoying after to fans for some time.

However, maybe not for all fans, however, for the majority, especially Sasuke-Kun on steroids. These words are enough for most people to dislike Sakura. Anytime fans hear the words Sasuke-Kun coming from Sakura’s mouth comes off as annoying.

And they’re lot more reasons why do fans hate Sakura so much in the anime series. But that’s it for now. Now you have an idea why fans dislike Sakura some much.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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