Why Goku is The Greatest Fighter in Dragon Ball And Dragon Ball Super

Why Goku is the Greatest Dragon Ball fighter
Why Goku is the Greatest Dragon Ball fighter

Why Goku is the greatest fighter?

Well, one of the main reasons why Goku is the greatest in Dragon Ball is because of his determination to get stronger.

Another is because he is the main character and also because of his pureness and techniques.

However, we are going to uncover more info about the reasons why Goku is the Greatest Dragon Ball warrior.

Throughout the entirety of the Dragon Ball series, Goku is the best fighter yet.

Vegeta even admitted his to Goku. Goku in Dragon Ball has accomplished and achieved so much more than any of the other Z fighters during the course of his lifetime.

Goku did not just show us how great he is with feats and strength, but also with introspection and his inner potential.

When it comes down to characters like Goku, he is also an incorruptible Superhero. This makes him realistic and unrealistic at the same time.

However, Goku always feels confident in a fight he knows he can win, because of how dedicated he is to test and demonstrating his willpower and righteous ideology of the sanctity lifestyle he grows upon.

Why Goku is the greatest fighter
Why Goku is the greatest fighter

Why Goku is the greatest fighter in Dragon Ball?

Goku is a fan favorite and the main character of the Drago Ball series. Son Goku is also known for being a fighting genius.

He has the most powerful finishing moves, unlike the other Z fighters. These are The Kamehameha wave attack and his instant transmission etc.

Akira Toriyama, the author of all the Dragon Ball series, has stated he originally wrote that Gohan would surpass his Goku and become the hero of planet Earth. That is where the original series of Dragon Ball Z retires

That’s how the Dragon Ball Z Cell Saga ended, that was the original direction.

Nevertheless, every time Toriyama poised the series in this direction, he got a terrible reaction from the fans.

Back then a lot of fans got upset and voiced their concern that Goku should’ve been the hero, forever.

Fans literally denounced the direction he was taking the story back then.

So, Toriyama brought Goku back again and again thus we had the father and son Kamehameha wave beam struggle between Gohan and Cell.

Toriyama would then add Goku to another saga. This i makeup for the Cell saga so Goku would become more powerful once again.

Why do People Love Goku?

Some fans didn’t want to see teen Gohan reach Super Saiyan 2 in the Cell saga, and not Goku.

In their eyes, Goku was a better fighter, it was unrealistic to fans that Goku couldn’t reach a level his son Gohan had.

However, Toriyama had to change things up again. Nevertheless, Toriyama wanted to end the series how he wanted Super Saiyan 2 Gohan.

However, Super Saiyan 2 Gohan still saves the day with help from his father and friends.

Who has The Most Potential Goku or Gohan?

Mystic Saiyan Gohan had his potential unlocked by the old elder Kai. He was super powerful and all, but he still failed against Super Buu. however, Goku swoops in and defeats Super Buu.


Well, because that is what the fans wanted to see.

However, father the Buu Saga Gohan never really got a win again. Gohan was always chasing his books and his father, just as Vegeta.

Gohan never had the determination and motivation to train and fight as he did during the Cell and Buu Saga. However, I believe that Toriyama was trying to tell us something at the time.

Half-Blood Saiyans

As a half-Saiyan, half-human man, Toriyama wanted Gohan to surpass his full-blood father Goku.

Since we the readers are ‘full-blood humans’ presumably, I think he was giving a nod to the idea that human potential in Dragon Ball is untapped and perhaps greater than those who are pureblood.

So, now in Dragon Ball Super, I don’t think Gohan could surpass his dad at the Mastered Ultra Instinct level.

However, he definitely seemed to somehow rival Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue strength and ability before Goku took his level of power one more step beyond his limits.

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