The Reason Why Goku Wants To Spare Moro’s Life

The Reason Why Goku Wants To Spare Moro’s Life
The Reason Why Goku Wants To Spare Moro’s Life

What everyone forgot about Goku and why Goku wants to spare Moro’s life.

In chapter 65 of Dragon Ball Super manga, many fans thought that Goku actually regressed as a character.

They were left puzzled and hell-bent around the reason why Goku would want to spare Moro’s life so bad.

As we learn more about Moro’s past, we know for a fact that Moro is pure evil and live for millions of years.

If we were to compare Frieza against Moro, Frieza would be considered an angel when it comes down to Moro. However, Moro and Frieza do have one thing in common, they are universal tyrants.

Moro killed millions upon millions of people before Goku and the others were even thought of to exist.

Goku, on the other hand, knew about Moro’s past and what he did but still insist on helping Moro and have leniency on him.

The Reason Why Goku Wants To Spare Moro’s Life
The Reason Why Goku Wants To Spare Moro’s Life

Why Goku Wants To Spare Moro’s Life 

The reason why Goku wants to spare Moro’s life in Dragon Ball Super is that every strong opponent Goku comes across, whether good or pure evil, helps him reach beyond his limits.

We saw this with Vegeta back in the Saiyan Saga, when Goku went all out with his Kaioken 4x. Nonetheless, as Krillin was about to finish off Vegeta, Goku stopped him because he wanted to fight Vegeta again.

However, it did not just end with Vegeta. Piccolo Jr, Hit, and even Jiren have similar outcomes.

Nevertheless, every one of Goku’s friends at some point in Dragon Ball was his enemy.

Goku always pushes himself to new heights and levels, that’s how Goku has been since he arrived on earth.

Vegeta understands that Goku has a Saiyan, always pushes beyond his limits to get stronger, and he wants that too. That’s one of the main reasons why Vegeta looks at Goku as a rival and a friend.

The same can be said about Goku, he looks at strong villains such as Moro as rivals and friends even if they don’t want the same.

That is how Goku sees all his enemies as rivals and potential friends. Again this is no Bull just look at all his current friends. They all were once his enemy.

So it seems no matter how evil or dangerous a villain might be, as long as that villain is as strong or stronger than Goku, he will consider them as rivals.

It all makes sense when you look at it from a Saiyan perspective. They are a race of warriors who fights to get stronger and stronger.

So, Goku trying to reach out to someone like Moro should not come as a surprise. That is one of the characteristics of  Goku’s Saiyan way.

Goku’s pure-hearted ways of giving villains the benefit of doubt even when they hurt him his one of the reason why he’s the only one could master the Genkidama.

Goku never really changed. Also, I believe that he regressed or got dumber in the anime either.

Written by Gregory Warmington

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