Why Goku’s Eye Change When He Transform?

Goku’s eye change
Goku’s eye change

Do you ever wonder why Goku’s eye change from round to having sharp edges in Dragon Ball Anime when he transforms? Whenever we see Goku in his base form, he always has rounded eyes, but whenever he transforms into a Super Saiyan, his eyes change and have sharp edges.

So why is that?

Well, many fans over the years have been asking about this question and want to know why these changes happen to Goku eyes and other Saiyans eyes.

Why Goku’ Eye Change in Dragon Ball?

Goku’s eye change in dragon ball anime because Akira Toriyama wanted a new look for Goku, So he got the inspiration from the martial artist Bruce Lee. Goku’s eye also changes to make him look serious and badass at the same time while in his Super Saiyan form.

Back in Dragon Ball, Goku’s eyes were always rounded with a pleasant and innocent look. However, Goku’s eye changes once he becomes a Super Saiyan for the first time against Frieza.

So, the Super Saiyan transformation form changes the character’s looks and makes him/her look serious with a menacing gesture.

If you want to put it in one word, you could say Goku looked “Badass” when we all saw him turned into a Super Saiyan for the first time.

However, we have to put in perspective that Goku was very angry with Frieza for killing Krillin at the time. The creator Toriyama did not only change Goku’s eye because it made him look very angry.

However, the real reason why Toriyama changed Goku’s eyes was to make Freiza remember Goku’s piercing eyes.

Toriyama wanted to make Goku’s eyes taunt Frieza forever, this was when Goku told Frieza he would pay for what he did to his friends. The design of Goku’s eyes was done by an inspiration Toriyama had from Bruce Lee when Bruce Lee stared into his enemy’s eyes.

And, if you don’t know who Bruce Lee is, you should research him and watch his movies. He is hands down one of the greater martial artist of all time.

Goku’s Eye Design

Akira Toriyama wanted a new design and look for Goku’s eye, but he was having trouble doing so with Goku’s normal round eyes. The rounded eyes did not work out well because it was hard to tell where Goku is looking.

Goku's Eyes
Goku’s Eyes

Nonetheless, things were not going the way Toriyama wanted. So Toriyama decides to change the overall look and appearance of Goku’s eye.

With Goku’s new-edged eyes, Akira Toriyama had Goku looking exactly where he wanted Goku to look in the manga. This would also make Goku not look weird with round eyes but make him look more badass.

This was talked about by Akira Toriyama himself in an interview at the Dragon Ball 30th anniversary “Super History Book.”

Goku's Eye
Goku’s Eye

Toriyama  Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary Interview

This is what Akira Toriyama said in the interview below. You could tell he had a good time doing that interview.


So, if you observe other Saiyans like Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, and Goten, you can tell that the edged eyes do not apply only to Goku.

Whenever a Saiyan transforms, their eyes change to a menacing and serious badass look. However, they are a few expectations when it comes to Goku. Remember when Goku And Gohan came out of the time chamber to fight Cell.

Both Goku and Gohan’s eyes were almost round as if they were in their normal base form. However, we got a better explanation from Goku about it. Goku explained that they were training and sleeping in their Super Saiyan form as if it was normal.

Another instance where we saw Goku with round eyes is when he first turned into a Super Saiyan God to face off against Beerus. Goku had normal round eyes as if he was in his base form.

He did not have the sharp-edged eyes as he did when he’s a Super Saiyan. Instead, Goku had round eyes in his God form.

Even other Saiyans from universe 6 do not have round-looking eyes when they transform. Moreover, their eyes become even more badass when they transform as well.


So now we know the reason why Goku’s eye changes in dragon ball anime. Akira Toriyama got his inspiration from Bruce Lee to create the sharp edge badass looking Super Saiyan eyes Goku and other Saiayns have.

Let me Know your answers down below. Cheers!

Written by Gregory Warmington

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