Why is Krillin Noseless in Dragon Ball? Well, Here’s why

Why is Krillin Noseless in Dragon Ball? Well, Here’s why

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Krillin is one of the strongest Dragon Ball characters that is a fan favorite by many including myself.

He is known to be one of the strongest humans that ever lived. Krillin went toe to toe against Saiyans like Goku, Vegeta, and Napa back in Dragon Ball.

Oftentimes, there are many odd things and features that are discussed about Krillin sometimes. However, there is this one particular missing feature that stands out the most about Krillin and it’s about his nose.

Why is Krillin Noseless
Why is Krillin Noseless

Many Fans just like myself often wonder why is Kirllin noseless in Dragon Ball? So I went ahead a did a little research.

After conducting a little research, I found out why Krillin is noseless in Dragon Ball after all.

Krillin was born without a nose. But why does Krillin have no nose, let us find out right now?

Why is Krillin Noseless?

The reason why Krillin is noseless is that he has a physical Idiosyncrasy defect when he was born. This means that he can only breathe through his skin. This was stated by Akira Toriyama back in an interview called “Dragon Ball Adventures Special.”

Kid Goku and Krillin
Kid Goku and Krillin

We can agree that Krillin is a normal human being, he pretty much does everything a normal person would do.

Like falling in love, having a child, go to the bathroom, etc, things that every human can do even breathe.

However, how can he breathe when he has no nose, we all know that the nose is very much essential for breathing?

That’s how we smile if things or pleasant or not so pleasant and take in oxygen. So, if a human does not have a nose or their nostrils are blocked, the only other way for them to breathe is through his mouth?


Well, that is what I thought with Krillin, I guess you could say I thought that he was born with a defect.

That’s is why he did have a nose and he had to breathe through his mouth. However, I found out that, that was not the case.

So, I started looking into this and found out that there was an interview in a magazine called ”Dragon Ball Adventures Special.”

This is where Toriyama the creator of Dragon Ball himself talked about why Krillin is noseless in the anime.

He was asked a question and paused a bit to answer the question saying, Krillin has a physical Idiosyncrasy.

Krillin’s Idiosyncrasy Defect

This means Krillin had unusual features that allow him to breathe through his skin. Yes, you read that right.

To be honest I think that Toriyama forgets to draw Krillin’s nose that and how we ended up with a noseless Krillin.

Or maybe since he made Krillin with no nose, he knew that the question was gonna come later on so he was ready for it.

I think that Krillin is some type of abnormal mutant because he and Goku can do it, which regular humans are not able to do.

Krillin Breathing Through The Skin

The whole concept of breathing through the skin is not made up at all though. They are many animals on planet earth in real life that can breathe through the skin.

For example, some of these animals or Salamanders, Fogs, Tods, and earth Worms just to name a few.

They are able to breathe through the skin because their skin has the same function as our lungs.

These animal skins are so thin that the oxygen can go through it easily. Then it is absorbed through their vessels because their lungs are close to the surface of their skin.

After that, it can be moved throughout the whole body. So, the only way that it apparently works is when the skin is moistened.

That is why these types of animals live in moist areas around or underground.

So, maybe Krillin has naturally moist skin. Or perhaps he does not have moist skin and he’s just an even more mutated human that can breathe through his skin, even if it’s dry.

Another thing that is noticeable is that this feature can be passed through the gene pool.


Well, we can see that Maran Krillin’s daughter was born the same way. I believe that this is one of the reasons why Krillin was left in Oren’s temple at such a young age.

Krillin’s birth parents may not like how he looked when he was born, so they abandon him in the temple which is a messed up thing to do to your kid.

Nonetheless, there is your answer now you all know why is Krillin noseless in Dragon Ball.

If you have a question or just want to contact me hit me up in the contact area. Cheers!

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