This is The Reason Why Vegeta Hates Goku So Much

This is The Reason Why Vegeta Hates Goku So Much
This is The Reason Why Vegeta Hates Goku So Much

Why Vegeta hates Goku so much in Dragon Ball Anime? Why did Vegeta hate Goku so much?

Well, it all started the day Vegeta and Napp arrived on earth to fight Goku.

Vegeta was born as a prince on planet Vegeta with unreal battle powers and was known to have no equal amongst the Saiyan race.

While Goku on the other hand was only known as a low-class Saiyan according to his battle power and parents.

That was the bottom line of what was known to every Saiyan based on the information we got. However, things started to change once Raditz arrived on earth to check up on his little brother Goku.

Raditz Vs Goku And Piccolo 

Raditz easily overpowers Goku and Piccolo because both their battle power combined was less than 900.

While Raditz had a battle power of over 1000. However, in the end, Goku had no other way to defeat his evil brother Raditz, so he sacrificed his life to save the earth.

Right before Raditz died, he informed Goku about two other Saiyans that were come to earth who are 3x stronger than him.

These two Saiyans were none other than Vegeta and Nappa. After Goku made quick work of Nappa, Goku had a battle power of over 9000, Vegeta saw that Goku was no pushover.

However, Vegeta thought that defeating Goku was going to be an easy walk in the park. Nonetheless, Goku was able to match Vegeta in strength. It was a huge surprise for the young prince.

The battle between the two Saiyans was so epic that it left both of them on the ground injured pretty badly, and they were unable to continue.

So even though Goku let Vegeta escape, Goku still wanted to fight Vegeta again. And ever since that day, Vegeta carried a big grudge on Goku for losing to him.

Why Vegeta Hates Goku So Much
Why Vegeta Hates Goku So Much

Why Vegeta Hates Goku So Much?

The Reason why Vegeta hates Goku so much is that Goku humiliates him time and time again in the anime. Vegeta is always one step behind Goku no matter how hard he trains.

Goku was seen as a traitor in all the Sayans eyes because he did not conquer planet earth. Instead, Goku procreated and did the opposite of defending the earth.

So that was also one of the reasons why Vegeta hates Goku so much. As time passes by, Goku trained and became stronger and stronger over time.

Vegeta was always one step behind Goku no matter what Vegeta did to surpass Goku.

Also, Goku was referred to as a low-class Saiyan warrior, he shouldn’t be able to come anywhere close to an elite Saiyan like Vegeta.

That also is another reason why Vegeta hates Goku. In Vegeta’s eyes, he was the perfect warrior for his race until Goku came along a messed everything up.

Goku was the first to turn into a Super Saiyan surpass Frieza and defeat him. Goku was able to go up against Perfect Cell toe to toe which Vegeta couldn’t.

Also, Goku has a son by the name of Gohan who became even stronger than Vegeta. Gohan shocked everyone when he turned Super Saiyan 2 and many other things.

While Vegeta trained as hard as he could to catch up with Goku, he could not do anything other than to watch things happen around him.

No matter how much he trained, Vegeta could not match Goku’s power level. These are a bunch of reasons why Vegeta hates Goku in the Dragon Ball anime.

Majin Vegeta Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta hated Goku some much that he allowed himself to be controlled by Babdi to get even stronger and became Majin Vegeta.

All this stuff had been accumulating up all these years inside Vegeta’s self Pride until it was too much for him to handle.

Vegeta fell that he has been humiliated too many times by Goku and even by Goku’s son Gohan.

What Vegeta worked so hard to achieve Goku always reached there first. And it probably felt painful because of all his sacrifice, Goku was always better than him.

To Vegeta’s pride and feelings, it felt like Goku was just laughing at his face even though Goku wasn’t physically.

Vegeta and Goku Rivalry 

Over time Vegeta’s hate becomes envy and then on to rivalry as we saw in the Dragon Ball Super Anime.

Why Vegeta Hates Goku So Much
Why Vegeta Hates Goku So Much

We can all agree that Vegeta hated Goku the most when he allowed Babidi the control his body to turn Majin Vegeta

I believe that after Vegeta started a family of his own, he eventually had feelings for everyone like Goku.

Now, Vegeta is has become soft like Goku and he does not hate Goku anymore. There’s a lot of things Goku wouldn’t accomplish if Vegeta still hated him in the anime.

For example, Goku could not have become a Super Saiyan God because then they needed 5 Pure heated Saiyans to perform the ritual.

So, Vegeta had to be pure-hearted in order to help Goku achieve his God form.


Yes, Vegeta used to hate Goku back in the past with a passion. However, I think that the hate Vegeta had for Goku slowly turned into envy and then eventually rivalry.

besides,  if it was not for Goku, maybe Vegeta would not have become so strong in the anime.

Why do you think Vegeta hates Goku in the Dragon Ball anime? Also, do you believe that Vegeta still hates Goku in the Dragon Ball anime?

Let me know your answer in the comments section. These are my final thoughts on why Vegeta hates Goku so much. Thanks for stopping by.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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