Merged Zamasu Omni King Dragon Ball Super Episode Theory

Merged Zamasu Omni King Dragon Ball Super Episode Theory

Merged Zamasu was incredibly difficult for our heroes to beat in Dragon Ball Super because he was Immortal.

However, the Omni King aka Zeno Sama came to the rescue and erase Merged Zamasu fo good. Zeno evaporated Zamasu Omni King from existence, by destroying the entire universe.

Nonetheless, Zamasu Omni King was Immortal. A lot of people think that perhaps he wasn’t actually destroyed from The Limit Breaker  Survivor opening.

We get this image of the to Omni Kings but when they cross paths they turn green.

Zeno Sama
Zeno Sama

This bread into an entire theory that perhaps the future Zeno was infected by Zamasu Omni King.

So, after Zamasu Omni King’s mortal body was destroyed, he turns into that atmosphere-type creature.

Even though he didn’t have a physical body that was destroyed. His life force was still there compassing the entire planet.

Zeno Sama
Zeno Sama

Who knows, when the Omni King destroyed that life Essence. Maybe Merged Zamasu potentially could have taken an entirely new form.

Or maybe he even infected that future. So, today we are going to be talking about the possibility that the Futures Zeno is, in fact, infected with future Zamasu Omni King.

Also, he is in fact evil. When I first heard about this Theory I just kind of dismissed it.

I was like, well it’s possible they have crossed paths and they turn green. But maybe that’s just mixing colors of blue and red and somehow they got green.

Anyways, with the new episodes that came out along with new information that we got every episode. It seems like this theory is becoming more and more of a possibility.

Now, let’s talk about the evidence that we’ve been Gathering lately and see if this could potentially happen in Dragon Ball super.

Future Zamasu Omni king Take Over 

Could the future Zeno actually be infected with Zamasu and turn out to be evil? or could we see an Omni King Zamasu as the main villain of this Ina new Dragon Ball Super Saga?

Well, the first thing that we have to notice is that the Zenos are not completely identical.

Zeno Sama
Zeno Sama

We can tell in a lot of cases that one will look at the other and then raised his other hand.

Or stare at the other one in a particular manner. Another thing I noticed is that the Futures Zeno has a dominant left hand, where the present Zeno has a dominant right hand.

Now, that may mean absolutely nothing or that could be a hint. You could argue that the left equals evil and right equals good.

But the thing is before the Omni King even destroyed Merged Zamasu he was already pointing at Goku with his left hand to the Future Zeno.

He’s Left-Handed for whatever reason and the presents Zeno is right-handed.

However, I’m not so sure as much that’s a hint that the Zeno from the future was infected.

Merged Zamasu
Merged Zamasu

Simply because he was already pointing with his left hand before Zamasu Omni King was even destroyed.

A lot of people were pointing out to me after the last episode how Frieza was looking up at the Omni Kings. Frieza said, ”The difference between their cute voices and horrendous acts.” 

I think a lot of people interpret that as there is a difference between their voices. However, I don’t interpret it that way. I see it as he’s just saying you know what they’re the acute voices but they’re killing trillions of people.

That’s what Frieza was saying. However, on the side of the theory when Merged Zamasu’s mortal body was destroyed.

Zamasu Omni King 

We could see that he was kind of taking over the universe or he was spreading out into the sky.

He was kind of infecting everything with his presence. Now, once again, if the universe was destroyed what is left to infect after the universe is gone besides the Omni King.

While the universe is basically just space dust, at this point the Omni King is just floating around in the air.

I do see it is possible that he may have been infected by Zamasu Omni King, but I don’t know if the dominant hand thing makes any difference.

Another thing is that Merged Zamasu was supposed to be Immortal. The Super Dragon Balls wish him to be a mortal.

Now, that means he can’t be destroyed. So, just because you’re the Omni King means you can make wishes or break any wish that the Super Dragon Balls have granted.?

I would say that’s probably possible if you are the Omni King, and if you are truly the God of everything.

However, that can be argued because there is two Zeno’s. Which kind of breaks the rule and the thinking that the Omni King is the true God of everything.

I mean, in the case that he could make and Grant and Destroy any wish that was ever granted. However, I would say it’s probably true if there weren’t two Zenos. Another interesting point would be.

The fact that all these universes are getting destroyed perfectly falls into Merged Zamasu’s zero Mortals plan.

While the tournament of power was talking about by the Omni king during the first Universe tournament.

It wasn’t until after Merged Zamasu was destroyed and we met the future Omni King.

We learned that the new Tournament of power universes will actually be erased.

Therefore, you would think that if one of the Omni Kings is evil and the other one may not be.

Zamasu Omni King
Zamasu Omni King

Merged Zamasu vs. The Omni King

We could get a Merged Zamasu Omni King in the future Sagas in the future.

There’s a lot of things that could happen. We could have an evil Great Priest, we could have evil Angels. There could be a war among gods, there is a ton of things that could happen for the arc.

However,  it’s a little too early to tell but as we get more development of the characters of the Omni Kings. We may get more pieces of information that may Enlighten this Theory.

Maybe it will increase the chances of that 20% going much higher or lower.

However, we will find out guys let me know what you think below. Do you think it’s a possibility that the future Omni King is infected by Merged Zamasu.?

I personally don’t but I do think it’s a huge possibility because in Japanese culture in anime.

Future Zamasu 

They do like to bring back previous villains in the future, especially in Dragon Ball as we have seen with Frieza countless times.

I could totally see them bringing back Zamasu as a major enemy again in Dragon Ball Super. Not if they brought him back again I have no idea how they would kill him.

I guess the only real way is to use the super dragon balls. So for that, we will find out in time. Thank you guys, for reading through this post to the end. 

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